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At Gold Estates, we make every effort to ensure that all data accessed by our website is kept strictly confidential. We pledge that the subject of privacy is taken and treated very seriously by our company. Any general or specific information that we may collect, or any user/client provides us with, is used in conjunction with providing the required property search services and it exclusively relates to continuously improving your browsing experience whilst facilitating our property finding services.

The guidelines on how we use any information that is obtained when you use our website are outlined below.

It is important to note, that, by browsing our website, you hereby agree to share certain personal information with our company and accept our Privacy Policy.

Information collected whilst browsing Gold Estates website

When browsing our website pages, we gather information that enables us to interpret individual preferences, so we can focus our efforts on enhancing your experience and provide better and more accurate services. We do not we collect specific personal information, except when you willingly give your consensus by leaving your personal details with us – when you register and require from us providing specific properties information.

In addition to gathering basic website browsing information, we collect data which helps us monitor network traffic, whilst also enabling us to determine an unauthorised activity on our website and prevent this from re-occurring.

The information we gather might comprise:

   Name of your host domain site from which you access the Internet;
   The static or dynamic Internet Protocol (IP) address of your (host) server;
   Details of the Web Browser you use;
   Date and time and duration of your accessing our website;
   Specific Internet site address from which you connect to our website.

Any information that Gold Estates obtain from your browsing our website pages is accessible solely by Gold Estates. Under no circumstances whatsoever, will shall provide any information we collect from our website to any third parties (individual or corporate), unless required by the applicable Laws and only when obliged legally.

By entering your information on the registration form/table provided on our website, you give your agreement to Gold Estates to exercise our commercial services and provide you with the required properties information that in our opinion might reflect on your preferences.

If at any time you formally request from Gold Estates that we must delete / erase any information you shared with us, we shall do so without any delay and confirm to you that we have fully executed your instruction.

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